Response to The Best New Old Albums You Never Heard


Joanna Newsom

A good friend of mine told me that “the last thing you sent me (the email notification of my last blog entry) sounded like a sick cat in heat”. He was referring to my post about Karen Dalton. I admitted that she had an unusual voice and that some songs on the album such as “How Sweet It Is” may not represent her best material. However, I felt that most of the songs were strong. In particular, I really liked the opening track.

He then challenged my assertion that her style would be familiar to contemporary audiences. I couldn’t quite put my finger on who reminded me of her, except that I detected a slight resemblance in Norah Jones. My friend objected that Ms. Jones is a much better singer, in his opinion.

I finally found the singer I had in mind (although, I believe there are others who also resemble Karen Dalton). She is Joanna Newsom. Here is a link to one of her songs on YouTube:

One thought on “Response to The Best New Old Albums You Never Heard

  1. When I read you initial post, I thought of Newsom. I believe she also cites Vashti Bunyan, another forgotten folk singer, as an influence as well. If some find Newsom’s vocals off-putting, her 2011 triple album “Have One on Me” has less vocal quirks. I still find her initial 2004 release “The Milk-Eyed Mender” delightful.

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