Dylanology Part Three

Lost Beach
Lost Beach

This is just to clean up loose ends from my previous posts about Dylan. The building in my last post is the Center for Photography in Woodstock, NY. While Dylan was recovering from his motorcycle accident in the late 1960’s he used this as a rehearsal studio. It is said that he sat at the piano composing while looking out the second floor window at Tinker Street (Woodstock’s main drag).  When I first visited Woodstock in the 1970’s it was a café – the only place in town where you could still enjoy live music with a reasonably priced meal and drinks.

The other clue I left hanging was about the Dustin Hoffman movie (that was a flop) which was based on the Dylan/ A.J. Weberman relationship. The name of the movie was “Who is Harry Kellerman (and why is he saying those terrible things about me)?

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