When Can We Move On? A progressive rock tune

With the advent of the last financial crisis, the Great Recession, I knew that the world was really screwed. I also knew that society had begun to slide downward since sometime in the late 1970’s. The 1980’s brought us gentrification, Yuppies (ugh), trickle- down economics, arena rock, cheap lousy sounding synths, awful heavily gated drum sounds, big hair, and bad fashion, “greed is good”. Well, you get my point. I actually gave up on listening to music (not completely, but almost) during this decade.

We now are at a similar (but sadly, more severe) nadir of history as that in which we found ourselves in the 1980’s. In other words, everything really sucks now! We have a faux economic recovery, because the top one percent can make Real money but meanwhile the rest of us can only find two low wage jobs to support ourselves. In the U. S. approximately 1/3 of the population now controls the levers of power while the other 2/3 looks on in shock. Global warming is an existential threat yet fundamentalist, Bible-Thumpers prevent the majority in the U.S. from doing much about it. And most popular music is as phony and manufactured as it was for most of the 1980’s (or for that matter, the 1950’s and early 1960’s, just not as enjoyable)

Anti-intellectualism has now taken hold in many parts of the world much as it did in the past in authoritarian regimes. Leaders demand lockstep unity and conformity, i.e. you are either with us or against us (much as Franco and Mussolini demanded). Oh, and might I add that the cold war now seems quaint compared to the North Korean shuffle.

I composed lyrics for this song about our times but ultimately found that words were inadequate to express what I felt. I hope you like it. I played all instruments except the drum track (which I arranged).

Here is link to it on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sufferer-1/when-can-we-move-on-final-mix


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